sand burm problems

I was having some issues at a recent HS with sandy berms. The front seemed to either want to knife under in the berm or I couldn't keep it down in the base of the berm and it'd hit the really soft stuff in the top and blow through and I'd have to stand the bike up. 

I was sitting with my balls on the gas cap and with my leg out, but I'm thinking maybe I was being to timid with the throttle when it knifed under but it seems like more gas would cause the front to run up the berm wall...

Is this just a case of needing to charge and get on the gas hard to cut down in the berm? Instead of trying to use the entire berm the way you would when it's harder?

thanks for the help

im definitely no pro, but in my experience with deep/soft sand/soft mud.. corners are way more forgiving if you can get the front going where you (basically) intend it, and get the rear tire spinning, it will chew through all but the worst stuff .... keep the front light, and steer with the throttle( my biggest fault).

sand is weird, you learn to steer with the rear tire. You have to be on the gas to get the drive from the rear. You need that power to control where your going, you really try to ride the rear tire. Lean mixed with that rear tire spinning and magic things start happening. You do make small corrections with the front, but it isn't controlling where you go. The front isn't where the majority of your turning power comes from. Standing up can help a lot too if they are faster and smoother. Don't brake into, accelerate through.

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