What year is my Nissin Honda Front Brake Master Cylinder? Have an 06 or 08 CRF250/450?

I would appreciate any help you can give me here. Here is my situation.

I have a Nissin Honda front brake master cylinder on my 04 KTM 200. Long story as to why, but that's beside the point.

I realize the 06 and 08 250/450 front Nissin Honda front brake master cylinders are different.

So...I am trying to figure out which one I have.


The markings are an "11" and an "8G". If anyone has a CRF could you look and see what marking are on your master cylinder?



have a pic?


it was 2007 i think they went to the new master cylinder.  the older pre 07 have a lever like this





the 07+ master cylinder have a lever like this


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