02 vs 03 KX125 Clutch Basket

So im trying to find a clutch basket for my girlfriends 03 kx125, but the motor might be from an 02 as the VIN doesnt match the frame. I cant find a list of engine vins to decifer if its an 02 or an 03. When i take the clutch basket out, what should i look for to confirm the year ? Cheers

What's the engine number and the 4 digit number on the left side of the cylinder?


BTW - the VIN is the number on the frame, not the engine number.

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Sorry for the late reply, finally have time to fix it.


Engine Number is KX125ME005845


I also see that the frame is an '03. I believe the M series means its an 03. Can anyone confirm this ? We recently contacted the previous owner and found out the bike was raced by a pro and hence the reason the engine is different.

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