Last night on the way home my wife informs me that my truck was broke into at her school where she teaches.

The dumb SOB's couldn't get the cd player out of the dash so they drove a F-ing tire tool into the dash and ripped it out.

They broke my steering column trying to steal the truck but couldn't get it started. I have a factory anti-start switch.

Stole around 3000 dollars worth of snap-on tools that I use to work on my bike. Please don't ask why I had so many tools in the truck...I'm mad enough as it is :D

Anyway, the whole reason for this topic is because, as we were talking to the insurance company, I was curious about my 2 bikes in the garage.....WHAT IF THEY GOT STOLEN?

Holy Crap....you're not going to believe this.

My insurance company said that my dirtbikes worth over 10 grand and the tools sitting next to them WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN COVERED if they had been stolen.

It needs to be a seperate policy...&%$#@!?????

I always assumed they were covered...

Guys please do yourself a favor and just check with your insurance companies....some cover bikes under the Homeowners Policy ...some don't

It's worth your time. And the extra insurance is freaking pennies. For me like 90 bucks more annually.

I'd give one of my bikes right now (well not my YZ426 :D ) to someone that could tell me who did this to my truck...cause I would hang the dirtbag by his hacky sacks from a tree :D:D:)

I'm in for the Hacky Sack lynchin' if you find the MF'er.

Good tip on the homeowners insurance, I knew that but just havent taken the time to call yet. I will now.

Dave S

Most, if not all, insurance policies will NOT cover vehicles with motors (well maybe a lawnmower). Your motorcycles are NOT covered. You will need seperate policies. On all my dirbikes I always get fire and theft coverage. Cheap insurance should you have the misfortune of some unscrupulous schmuck stealing your toy(s).

Call and get fire and theft on your scoots now.


True on the motorized vehicle thing. I got theft insurance through the dealer who sold us the bikes for a pretty good price. I did not however think of fire damage, I need to call my homeowners insurance company and find out about that! I also had to get a separate policy for my boat so it's not something specific to bikes.


Sorry to hear about your misfortune, that sort of crap really pisses you off...

Thanks for the heads up on the insurance issue, I would imagine that most people think their bikes are covered under their homeowners. We have State Farm, and my bike wasn't.

I went with Progressive before I actually had the YZ home.

Progressive has nice dirt bike policies (unless you live in NC for some strange reason.)

My bike is totally covered for just about anything, including major damage that might occur during a ride. It costs like $150 per year.


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Sorry to hear about the theft/damage, that sucks!

Called my insurance company today and happily found out that my homeowners policy covers the bikes.


Hey RichB, What homeowners insurance company doe you use?

Check out my post here. Click on Glamis Connections. The post is called Hope this works?


FYI I still own and ride my 426 .

Got the quads to hang with my wife. Please don't judge me?


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Don't get me started on insurance companies! I moved this summer and my truck insurance went up 50%! when I asked my agent why she said it's the new zip code I live in. Even though my truck is garaged, I have a security system, and an 8 foot high fence around the entire lot, it's all about the zip code you live in. I'm paying more now (age 44) than I paid for my new 77 Trans Am when I was 18!!!! Oh yea, I say hang em by the hacky sac, pour honey on em, put a bunch of fire ants on their pitiful asses and watch them scream.

KC :)

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I know I had trouble getting insurance for my son's bike... simple fire and theft was available to me eventually under an "unregistered vehicle" policy... As long as it is chained to something fixed whilst not being ridden. It is also covered in transit - ie. while on a trailer... The company that provides my home & contents and comprehensive motor vehicle policies just looked at me blankly... "Can the bike be registered?" was all they kept asking me... it is a TTR-90 for crying out loud... try dual sporting one of those... and my son is 7, 10 years until he gets his licence... Because the WR426 can be and is road registered, I just take out a normal policy on a motor vehicle... Simple... My house and contents also doesn't cover mowers, trailers etc.

Make sure you are covered, it is worth it...



I have USAA homeowners insurance. They cater mostly to veterans. As long as it's on my property, it's covered!

For once a happy insurance story!

I saw a similar thread at another site and decided to check with my homeowner's insurance(Allstate). When I explained that my bike was NOT street legal and was a racing ONLY motorcycle, I was told that it would only be covered if it was in pieces. In other words, it would have to be dismantled to be considered as separate items of value. Go figure. I take this explanation with a grain of salt. If my 426 were stolen, I expect the insurance company to wiggle out of covering it. Two years ago, my 19 year old son was shooting bottle rockets from my driveway(against my rules) and set a neighbor's roof on fire. To make a long story short, both of our insurance companies tried everything they could to low-ball these people. My neighbors had to sue my insurance company to get their fair compensation. Luckily, I had increased my liability coverage just a few months before so my neighbors were able to come through this mess OK.

This is a valuable thread in that the lesson is to have adequate and proper insurance coverage.

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Hey Boit,

Is your son still alive after catching someone's roof on fire? LOL I know my parents would be pissed! :) Later,


Garrett: I plead the 5th.

Allstate Insurance company......what a joke. I have paid them for years and my payments have never been late. I placed my truck on part time driving status about a year ago because we only use it to pull the 5th wheel or to haul the bikes to the track.

My premium for the truck went down 50%....very nice. Over the course of the next year the premium went back up, to almost its original amount. When I questioned Allstate, they said the premium went up because it is a full size truck. If I were to be involved in a collision I would be more likely to cause injury to the other party. I asked them to check my driving history to verify that I had not been involved in an at fault collision in over 20 years. They said it did not matter, that full size trucks and SUV's will be seeing increases in premiums.

Goodbye Allstate.....gouge some other sucker.


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sorry to hear about break in.its the courts faults though by giving kids a slap on the wrist when they do get caught.legalize public beatings and watch crime drop.


I agree with you in part. You are correct in the respect of the courts doing a poor job of punishing wrongdoers.

I believe it is the parents fault for not properly raising their children. Anywhere you go you can see these little mutants running wild with no supervision. It is not society's job to properly raise these kids, it is the parents job.

Both of my boys (18 & 16) have never been in trouble. My oldest did get a ticket for speeding but he hasn't made that mistake again!! I guess I am just lucky :)


[ December 22, 2001: Message edited by: yzernie ]

When I see reports of children turning in their parents to the police for spankings I can't believe my eyes. I'm not for abusing kids but a strategically timed a$$ whooping can do wonders sometimes. I think most of you are like me in that if I was to catch somebody mauling my property, they would be crying for the police to save them. And the ways things are now I'd be the one going to jail. More people need to call B-S when they see somethings not right. As far as Insurance companies go, they as some of the most cash rich organizations in America. We have been getting gouged for a long time. If you have any assets you can do without it though. I think I'll go beat my kids while I'm talking to my insurance agent now (just kidding).


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