1981 Yamaha XT250 --looking into as first bike for short woman rider

I need to know what kind of maintenance I'd be getting myself into. I have an absolute respect for the classics--especially cafe racer bikes. I'm 21, but not down for any kind of "crotch-rocket". I am going to take my time to find a beautiful classic, but again I need to know what I would be looking at as far as repair costs and regular maintenance. Please help! I am drooling over this '81.  :goofy:

Throw an oil change at it now and then and give it a smile when riding it ;-)

Requires only basic maintenance as it's a simple engine compared to today's motocross bikes (those are the ones everybody says are maintenance-intensive), and it doesn't make a lot of power for it's size so it is under-stressed and can go lots of miles between overhauls.


Change the engine oil at reasonable intervals.

Service the air filter at least once a month (more often if you ride off-road).


As far as the engine goes, those two are the main ones.


If you get the bike (or any bike), buy the factory service manual.

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Thanks so much!! Sounds like it's the bike for me.. I love going off the beaten path a bit too. I've ridden a few dirt bikes--so sounds like a good fit. Thanks for the reply. Good info

Don't forget to keep track of valve clearance. Enjoy your bike.

Nice bike, I had one when new. Had lots of fun on it.

When going to look at it for buying, check out the swingarm pivots for sign of grease. If it has a bunch of grease all around there it means someone actually lubed them. If it is nice and clean, beware, could need new bearings/bushings. Otherwise as said change oil frequent , clean air filter, maybe give it a hug once in a while, and it should be a good runner. The old classics are the best, that why I have 6, most are the big brother of the XT250.

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This is my 'custom' '84 XT 250


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