2001 kawasaki mojave 250 with a new DG pipe

Hello I need advice on what's the best jets to put on my 2001 Kawasaki mojave 250, bout a new DG pipe and back fires a lot I'm at an altitude of 3200ft and average temp is 80 degrees what type of jets or number spec do I need to put to stop the back firing and for the altitude and temp?

What is the current jetting including the air/fuel screw position?

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I haven't messed with it but would the second one be good cause I have a 450 that's set on the second runs fine

Second one what?


I would check in the manual and Check with DG for any jetting recommendations that they might have.

You gotta bump up the main to accommodate for added air flow. Get the next 3 sizes up and try each one.

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