SM swingarm bearing fitment issues

Trying to install the swingarm bearings in my 05 SM but ran into a problem. Its been apart for along time so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. If i put the bearing in deep enough that the inner pivot sit flush with the inside edge of the swingarm the large thick washer on the outside edge sticks out of the seal and side quite far, so far that it just fells off. Is the thick washer (outer side) suppose fit over the pivot shaft? Mines got the same i.d.

If im not mistaken, shouldn't the parts on both sides (inner and outer) be flush with the swingarm? How deep should the bearings be? Ive watched the pivot works install video but it didnt work out.




Should not stick out like that, or at least the OEM parts do not. There is some float in the bushings side to side.


Bushing centered in the bearing and swingarm



 Bushing pushed to one side



 and to the other


You didn't measure the depth of the bearings before you removed them, huh... neither the t-shaped collar on the inboard side of the swingarm or the thick collar on the outboard side sit flush with the face of the swingarm bearing bore.  Both (collars) stick out certain amounts and the service manual doesn’t specify how deep the bearing should be pressed in.  It does specify a special tool to use, which maybe presses the bearings in to the right depth.


Does the pivot works kit use a thrust bearing (thick collar rests against it) behind the outboard oil seal?  I think you’ll have to play with the depth of the bearing and I would start by having the bearing pressed in enough that those outboard collars stick out a couple of millimeters (past oil seal/bearing bore face).  Without the inboard collar (t-shaped) installed, place the swingarm into the frame and verify those outboard thick collars firmly fit into the side frame rails.  If they don’t adjust/press the bearing, in or out, till they (thick collars) do.  Finally the inboard collar can be installed and the swingarm reinstalled.  *TIP*  loosen all motor mounts/attachment hardware, because the fit is very tight and you need some play between the engine and frame when reinstalling the swingarm.

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