What fluids do i run in my 1986 Atc125m?


I'm currently restoring an 1986 atc125m. I've redone the bearings, rebuilt the carb, replaced the spark plug, checked the top end, & bought a few other random odds & ends, but a question i need answered.....  

What oil should i run in my trike???  i've heard 10w40 would work fine, but is there any specific kind? Would it be alright to run synthetic? or should i go none synthetic?  & would it hurt to run ethanol remover through the trike?  Also.. if anyone can find me a link to a damn site that sells an oil filter for my trike it would be greatly appreciated lol.  


 yea.. i know it looks like crap but it runs pretty darn good and i hope to keep it that way.  i picked it up in it's current condition for 150$ if anyone cares to know.  




Those little 3 wheelers were a blast back in the day.  :thumbsup:

You're going to want to find some plastics for that thing....and that might cause you some problems.

But for parts?  Any reputable Honda stealership can get you what you need.

I hate to offer up a parts distributor if they are not a sponsor for the site, but if you just type in "parts for 1986 Honda 125 atc" you'll find a number of sites offering the parts your needing.

Don't worry about oil, straight 10w40 from Walmart is fine. I've run the cheapest oil for as long as I can remember even on some high build engines, never had a problem.

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