Fuel injection...I'm new to it HELP!

Just picked up a 2012 YZ450 from the local shop. I've ridden bikes most of my like but this is my first bike with the fuel injection. I've done a bit if snooping around online but everything's so...well vague or written in some computer language that makes no sense. I consider myself a decent gear head for a 21 year old, I know enough to basically fix anything on my vehicles that the average joe would take it to the mechanic for. But one thing I don't know a lot about is electronics and fuel injection I know how EFI works I jut don't get the tuning. My plan for the bike Is to leave all internals stock (ex. Cams, bore and stroke and what not) but I do plan on throwing a DR.D full exhaust and a K&N filter on it this winter. BIG QUESTION IS where do I go from there? I mean If it were carbureted I would then reject and I'd be done but with this EFI idk what the right way and best way to go is for the set up ill have on the bike. I ride mostly in the Oregon coast dunes and occasionally on a old logging road in Washington where I live. Do I go buy a JD Jetting fuel tuner or do I go get this GYTR mapping tuner deal? Idk what the right way to go is or if I got either one how the hell to work the things. I could really use some advice from some I you who understand it better than I do. P.S explain things to me about tuning like I'm a child since I'm new at this and might not understand all the terms yet. Thanks in advance!

This is a pretty good start to understanding EFI on your bike and includes several aftermarket solutions to tuning. It's a couple years old, but still relevant. http://www.dirtrider.com/features/online-exclusives/141_1104_fuel_injection/

I have the GYTR tuner, but honestly, once I got tired of playing around with it I just left it on the map I like.

Thanks for the info. Do you think the GYTR tuner is the one to get?

It works well; there are plenty of maps to choose from; and it gives you some diagnostic value along with being able to see the hour meter info stored in the ECU. If you're really going to get into tuning then maybe one of the options that uses an O2 sensor would be the way to go.

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