Crf 70 fork oil change

Hey guys I just got a 04 70 as a pit bike the front suspension is super soft almost like there is no suspension at all lol. So I was told adding oil would stiffen them up a bit only problem is I have no idea how to do that, I've never worked on suspension before. So I was wondering if anyone could try to walk me through this? Thanks in advanced

before you get too crazy, realize that adding oil can help.  But you need to look at what you are adding oil to.  The fork system on a big bike has an internal cartridge and a large reservoir to hold a good amount of oil.  plus the bike is designed to handle someone around 180 pounds and taking jumps and rough terrain.


The 70, not so much.  So yes, adding oil will create more resistance, but depending on your size and what you do with it, I doubt you will notice.  Your best bet with a stock set-up would be springs.  Or ditching them for something aftermarket.


Its a good little platform and has a lot of potential, but remember it is still a trail bike, and a kids trail bike at that.   

Thanks @50minikid big that's a big help. And @gobigred I hear what your saying but the front forks are so bad I almost feel like there's no oil in them at all.

Definitely do an oil change and ensure it is topped off.  There is a chance it could be pretty low.  Are the seals leaking?  They may also need replaced and it isn't too bad of a job to get done. 

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