Horror story!

Hypothetical question here: let's say someone rode a YZ450 and literally ran it with no oil for about 30 seconds. BEST AND WORST CASE SCENARIO PLEASE:/

30 seconds isnt to bad. It could do damage. but its on your side the it didnt do damage.


iv seen a diesel get started up for about 5 minits after a re-build with no oil. till someone noticed that it had no oil pressure.

Idk I'm sure it took some life off of it but whatever. Getting a new oil plug and fill her up and see what happens I guess lol

The residual oil in the engine is enough to handle 30 seconds of run time. Don't sweat it.

I think you'd be fine. I was at a car show a few years back where they took and old junk car, removed the oil and coolant  and had a contest on who could guess how long it would run. I can't remember what brand it was, but it was an 80's full size with a V8. It ran for over 10 minutes wide open, if I recall before it kicked the bucket. 

Your totally fine. I was riding with a guy at a private track, and after a 2 lap moto, he realised he had no oil. He has just rebuilt the motor, but didn't seem to be concerned. Youd be surprised how long these engines can go without oil, if its not under a heavy load.


like others have said the leftover oil in the engine was enough to cause no harm for 30 seconds.  

Best case: Engine is fine

Worst Case: Engine is trashed


The smart person removes the cams and checks the head journals as they are the first to go

The question no one has bothered to address is what the situation was under which it ran without oil.  Draining and forgetting to refill for 30 seconds is considerably different than dropping a drain plug at the bottom of Yamaha Hill at Glen Helen. 


What's the story?

It was dropped. I saw it pissing out and told her to shut it down. This is the last time my gf does maitience

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