front fork dampening screw wont turn

2003 crf 450 replaced seals and bushings etc have done this many times this time however after reassembling the bottom rebound screw won't turn took it back apart now when I take the dampner apart how do you get to the top adjustment needle where the other side of the d rod connect I slid the bottom of the dampner out (thinking the adjustment would be ther where is it? Need help frustrated this isn't my first post I have been a member for years but couldn't remember which email my password was under

I bet when you cranked in the bottom assembly bolt you "hard bottomed" the rebound adjusting needle into its seat inside the mid-valve assembly. If you didn't turn that rebound assembly screw counter-clockwise during the assembly at some point it surely had to bottom. On newer parts this isn't a big deal, on older forks the o-ring seal is very tight and you can mess things up. I would carefully reassemble everything, being careful to not tighten it further, and try to turn the rebound adjuster counter-clockwise to unlock it.

There's always the chance it is bottomed out in the counter-clockwise direction, but that doesn't usually happen because during assembly it frees up, turns clockwise and then bottoms the needle other way.

I will try that and see if that works if not looks like I be buying a new damper assembly do you know if 04 forks will fit a 03?

I will try that and see if that works if not looks like I be buying a new damper assembly do you know if 04 forks will fit a 03?



You dont need a new damper. all you need to do is take the mid valve out and clean up that needle. Just take the jam nut for the rebound adjuster off the damper rod, push the damper rod out of the damper body and the mid valve is there. Grind the peen off, take the mid valve off the rod and the rebound adjuster needle is right there. You'll see it. Its in that hole that you can see in the stainless part of where the mid valve mounts. Thats called the mid valve stem. That stem screws off the rod. When you hold that rod still, you need to make dang good and sure you dont scratch it. If youre in the OC area of SoCal, you can bring it by and I'll show you how to do it. Ive got a Racetech shaft holder to hold the shaft with so we can screw the stem off. 



Ok I understand I will try and keep you posted also will 04 forks fit a 03 the dampner part number is the same so should fit right? And thanks for your help your fork seal replace thread is spot on!

That rod is stuck solid can't hold it tight enough without damaging the rod I will try more but ordered another set of 04 forks I switch out the dampner soon as I get them( seeing as the fork seals and bushings are new) then I have a spare set for what I have no idea just bummed did one side and no problems then the none disc side forks giving me fits I'm in socal north san Diego county ( san Marcos) just can't get that damn rod to budge:wacko:

The 04 damper body is the same as the 03, but the base bolt assembly in the 04 has a nice little check ball in it that on big hits closes the bleed bypass and forces everything past the stack. Call it bottoming resistance that you can manipulate. Technically you can run the oil a tad lower without the worry of bllowing through the stroke on a big hit. 

Cool thanks for the help just gonna run the same 14oz outside 200cc inside I think that's the amount you put in your previous post now what to do with the extra forks

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