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ttr-90 carb, need picture.

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Good morning thumper talk, I have a request. I need a picture of the underside of the carb on the inside of the float bowl. I purchased my sons ttr used from a guy who had been messing with the carb trying to get it running after it wouldnt start one morning. After I got it I found out it was a bent valve causing it not to run. Well in his attemp at fixing the carb I think he messed it up pretty good. Right now the bike will only run in idle when the choke is on, it wont idle with it off. I have cleaded the carb multiple times and I know all the jets and passages are clean.

On the under side of the carb body directly under the fuel enrichment valve there is something that looks like a brass jet with a hole in it that on my carb looks to be damaged. It looks like a jet when someone tightens it too much and brakes the tabs off the top. The yahaha dealer I talked to last night told me it should be a plug with no hole in it. They didnt have a bike in that they could pull the carb off for us to look at so I would like to know if anyone here has a carb off thier bike they can take a pic of the bottom of it for me please. I will try and get a pic loaded up soon so you can see what I am talking about.

Thanks for the help.


2013-10-10 09.30.11.png


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