Texas Panhade area hare scramble/enduro races


First post here, but please don't be easy on me. Does anyone know of any hare scramble or enduro type races in the texas panhandle area? I live in Amarillo and haven't been able to find any races like these around the area. I would be willing to travel a few hours away to a race. Thank you for any input on this as anything will be helpful.

Should be very easy to find several. Hotbed of offroad in that area. Go to Texas Offroad Network or the local KTM shop. You must not have looked very hard.

Check out the Texas Enduro website for a list of all the races around the state and surrounding areas.



I'm up in Borger. There is a race on the October 26th and 27th 2 hours south of Amarillo in Matador. The other very close one is the Caprock enduro.

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