Carolin Mines, BC - any technical riding?

We go here pretty much every year as a family thing.  The riding there is extremely boring unless you're looking to do a scenic ride.  The only 3 places that I ever found amusing were the pipeline, the trail to the sand hill and the sand hill itself.


Well now I'm finding that pretty boring.  Is there anywhere else I can get to from the camping area here that isn't mind-numbingnly boring?

Nope, it's pretty much logging roads only. 

it would probably be worth doing the 30-40 min drive to the nickel mine. about 15min out of hope on hwy 1 left at bc nickel mine rd

carolin mines hummm- north east from the carolin mines uturn through a few deactivated roads and pop out on the Cattermole forestry rd near spuzzum . at hiway 1 go left until bc nickel mine rd turn right trails start at 1 1/4 km on left but 4km is the major center. look on a bc map and be shure to fill up and take a samich

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