I can't figure this out. 07YZ250F

First post and of course it is because I have a problem...go figure. I tried searching but nothing completly matches up with what I need to know. OK so on to the problem. I had stripped out the bottom bolt for the oil filter cover on my 07 Yz250F. Tried retapping the threads but was still too loose to get any sort of torque on the bolt. I tried the helicoil approach and it seemed to work, except 2 days after I did that I noticed the bottom bolt was loose again. I hadn't rode the bike, only flushed the oil out a few times to make sure I didn't have any shavings or anything unexpected in there. I pulled the cover and tried to reinstall just the bottom bolt. It wouldn't catch any threads just like before the helicoils. I'm lost as to what happened, I don't know if it is possible but could the helicoil have fallen into the cases? I'm fearing the worst but I have no clue right now. Thanks for any help.

The oil filter housing is part of the outer clutch cover on that bike. Pull the kick start lever, drain the oil and water, and pull that whole side cover off and see what you have. Might be easier to fix with it off, or you may have to find a new outer clutch cover. They are pretty cheap on ebay usually.

I guess I should have looked closer. I thought I was going to have to split the cases. If this works I might cry. Happy tears of course.

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