flywheel weights on a rm250

so i just switched from a yz250f to an rm250 and im thinking about putting a flywheel weight on it to reduce the power a little. check out my last video on the 250f to judge my ability level, i dont wanna talk about it too much and make it seem like im faster/slower than i actually am so just watch it:


the rm250 feels good around the desert and im getting used to the extra power but around motocross tracks i dont feel too comfortable coming out of a corner in 2nd gear pinned yet especially if there is a jump right out of it haha so what flywheel weight could i use on my 250 to make it feel like something in-between a 125 and 250?



Don't forget, FWW's do not reduce power they just slow the rate that an engine can accelerate.  So it'll be just as powerful as ever, it'll just lose some of that 2 stroke snap.  Also consider going a tooth or two smaller on the rear.

Would you rather move the power down a little? It does reduce the power a lot as well. It would make it more torqey at the bottom, more like a for stroke. There is a powervalve adjuster on the left side. Say so if this is what you want and I will go into more detail.

A year ago I bought a 2006 RM260 to replace an RMX. I don't moto so take this for what it's worth.


When I took the RM for a test spin the front wheel would come up in every gear - incredible throttle response and way fun. In spite of this and from reading how others thought the RM made a good off roader, I decided go for it, knowing some money had to be spent.


13-oz fly-wheel weight, auto clutch, Boyesen two-stage reeds, a Pirelli MT43 and extra-HD tube, ProCircuit long and quite S/A (bike came with an FMF Gnarly), I have almost RMX-quality power from the bottom to the mid. From mid up I have crazy power for the desert, where I run a knobby and a 2-tooth smaller rear sprocket.


My next mod will have to wait: a DRZ400 transmission, as I like more spread between the gears.


No doubt each of these mods did something, some more than others. Pick what you can afford and go from there.

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