06 CRF 450 carb problems

Hey I have an 06 crf 450, it's been sitting for a year. The valves were adjusted before it sat. It started but wouldn't idle and cut out. I tore the carb apart, cleaned it thoroughly and now it runs better but still not right. It's backfiring at a quarter throttle and the idle is very low and then goes high by itself. I adjusted the fuel screw, and there is no exhaust leaks. Any suggestions??

Buy and install a BRAND new pilot jet.


Confirm the slide release plate is in, square side down.

Pilot jet meaning slow jet?

Yes, slow jet in the float bowl (not in the carb bell mouth).


Be sure to fine adjust the fuel screw for a perfect idle with a HOT engine.

Hey i also have a 2006 crf450. I put a yoshimura rs2 exhaust on it and was wondering what jetting i should use and where to find jet kits. Thanks for all the help!

JD jetting .com

Sudco . com


JD Jetting is ruining jetting solutions!

The pilot / slow jet is still clogged it takes a very small pice of wire to clean it / or replace it $5 dollars or less

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