Heres my 1st and only lap due to a flat tire at MEHSA Airport race.

Man, that is quite the scramble! But very cool, shotty about the tire man.

Yeah .. Cool Airport

Good pace up til then

Thanks guys

Nice riding! And a great place to ride. Shame you got a flat though...

Where did you get the flat Travis?  I got a flat there too,  in one of the grass field sections about a third way into the lap... on the last lap

Not real sure where I got the flat. I think it was right after the scoring tent.

I hit something so hard off my front wheel it put a dent in my frame,  then when the back tire rolled over it, it punctured the sidewall and went flat.   Rode the last lap on the rim.    See you tomorrow at Lauringburg,  Ive never been

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