07 crf250r not running right.

I am trying t help a friend out on an 07 crf250r. He brought it to me Missing pretty badly and bogging down low. Removed the spark plug and it is running rich as hell.

main jet is a 175

It also backfires on decal.

not sure where to go with this. I am mainly a kawi guy.

cleaned the carb and all its circuits

reset float level, looks possible it was too high.

I know I need to check compression, what should it be ? I know I can't disengage the decompression lever on this bike like the kawis. So how much should it be and how many kicks?

Any strange ignition problems on this model I should know about?

Any help appreciated.

thanks All!


Backfire on decel = lean not rich. Pilot jet is clogged.

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