UFO rear fender???????????????

are any of you guys using one?

how do you like it?

where did you get it?

i looped out this weekend :) and tore the rear fender off and made the

exhaust look like a taco :D - bruce is going to help me out on the

exhaust ( thanks bruce ) :D i just need to find a rear fender i have

been calling around and checking all the local shops - i have been

told that the ufo rear fender is back ordered from over seas by white

brothers even tried parts unlimted - no luck does anyone have one? i

have never seen one on a bike but everyones website shows it - it

looks like the tail light is bigger and i like that for the ds kit

but i might have to go stock if i cant find one

if you have a used one you want to sell please email me at

jws.840@cox.net i am in orange county southern california

thank jeff :D

Do you want the baffles on that stock muffler bent down or removed? :)

i dont know if it matters i will be running the HRC tip its a little longer than the stock one :). you tell me - what do you think?


Maybe you just need a heavier front fender to keep from looping it :D

My Baja Designs quick release dual sport kit came with the UFO rear fender. It is about as close to OEM as it needs to be. Seems a little bit thinner (lighter is faster) than the stock one. The light is just a bit different, but now I have the full tailight and low profile turn signals.

I'd bet that they might have one in stock, but they have been slammed getting kits out to all of us California dual sporters trying to beat the DMV deadline. When I ordered my kit they told me two weeks and it was on my doorstep in two weeks! :)

i work 10 min from baja designs talked to them twice today ufo fender is back ordered they did not know when the were geting them in :)

thanks jeff :D

I have tried it both ways and I like it with the baffles bent down. Removed is awesome sound and with your stock tip would put you legal for sound leval.


Is that your kid on the front of kid bike?

http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/KidBike/ :)

yes thats my boy scott out at the lake elsinore track - i took that pic 2 weeks after his 4th birthday he has been riding a little over a year now and is all he talks about

jeff :D

I have tried it both ways and I like it with the baffles bent down. Removed is awesome sound and with your stock tip would put you legal for sound leval.

i would like to keep the sound down around 96 - 98 dbs for the dez - i put the baja designs quiet baffle in when i ride the MTB trails near the house LOL i want to be able to keep riding them so i try and be as stealth as i can and not tear up the trails :)

do you want the old one i cut in half to get the HRC tip out? kind of cool to see the inside and the difference of where the the stock tip and HRC tip sit

jeff :D

Pictures would be cool for the others to see that there are baffles in there. Bring it with you. It helps see what the exhaust has to go through to get out of the stock muffler. With that quit tip you could have it all with the baffles removed. HRC for the fast cut throte riding with the guy's. Stock tip for a little more low end and the quit tip for the stelth stuff. :)

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