Haspin Acres


Has anyone ridden here lately? As for trails, how many miles are available?

I rode there a few years ago and didn't find many interesting trails to ride.It sounds like a few people love this place so either I didn't find the right places to ride or I didn't like the mx track.


The trails are endless. I usually find the best trails there when I am lost. Try not to be picky about where you go up or down and your options will increase tenfold. I usually just take the fire road down the opposite way of the track for a while and then hop on a trail. There are certain spots though that just seem to be a big circle. I also like some of the hidden entrances, and the trails you find down by the river.

Maybe i didnt find the right stuff but i hated it. It was 400 miles of trails weaving in and out of trees everywhere. Big ruts from the jeep guys setting there holding their stuff wide open for 15 minutes just to see if it will budge and inch. Any decent hill on the property has been destroyed the rock crawlers. Maybe something has changed. I only went once and it was 10 years ago.

Yeah the ruts suck, but I have yet to find a place without ruts. They were a lot better in comparison to the places around me. But I found that if i went further back and stayed away from the wide trails there were little no no ruts, just bike ruts. Really you just gotta find some trails you like and ride em, if your down by the river there is lots of hills untouched by anything but bikes and quads

behind the mx track is my favorite spot. it's really rocky but a lot of fun, and no one hardly ever goes back there

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