2014 yz450f - how do you like it?

Didn't get much response in the which bike thread so thought I would post here. Looking at possibly purchasing one tommorrow. I'm comming from 1997 Cr250 and concentrate mostly on mx. So I don't think I will be dissapointed no matter what bike I get still curious what you guys think.

I am completely impressed with the '14. Get rid of the MX51f front tire, adjust fork height and sag and hang on. Suspension is "works like" to quote mxa. Engine is strong throughout...

I recently swapped the rear spring to a 6.3 and set sag to 110-112- set fork height to 5.2 mm and can not believe how well this bike corners.

I am 100% convinced that reviews in the MX magazine industries are as corrupted as all the others.

I have not found a single owner of the 2014 yz that is unhappy.

Good luck!!

Thanks for the reply. How big are you? I've never really messed with suspension that much and when I did I felt no difference. Definitely wanna get a dialed bike so I can actually start winning some races.

6'1" 205. The 14 is set up with stiffer springs than most factory bikes. I only changed the rear spring because someone on here had great results with that spring/sag combo and was the same weight as me. He was right.

Alright, I'm six foot 155lbs so I'm a lot lighter then you. So ill have to search around for different setups to get a basis.

On the first tests of the 2014 bikes in the Spanish magazine "Moto Verde" the Yamaha was elected as winner against the Kawasaki and the KTM.

Pointing out the corner stability, suspension, maneuverability and by far best engine.

Of course it is not the same level as the US magazines but is a good sign that the bike has evolved in the right direction.

One of the main spanish teams is Yamaha Ausió, and his rider Alvaro Lozano finished secondin The spanish championship, with a Yamaha 450 2013. The winner was Jose Burton (KTM) who also finished 3rd in the MX2 World Championship.

They are already testing the 14 for next years spanish championship. And the first rumors overall are that is a bike with a lot of potential.

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absolutely do not like this bike...... I freaking LOVE IT!!!! I had a 2010 a couple years ago and this thing is a fair bit different!! love the suspension, im about 215lbs. motors perfect, I can go like 3rd luggin it half throttle click up to 5th and romp on it and in like 2 seconds the front wheel is up!! and its so easy to wheelie in 5th I got the one handed wheelie down haha only thing I didn't like right before I took it home, didn't come with an o-ring chain, so I bought one. only thing for me is I have to cut and tig up the subframe for grabbys..... other than that absolutely love it!

Alright well I'm picking mine up Monday! Only thing that sucks is I have to wait a whole nother week to ride it. Blah. Lol

Alright I got my bike today and boy is it slick. Just one question, is the exhaust saposed to have this dent in it? Didn't notice it till I got home and I don't think the dealer would know either since this is the first one they sold. Thanks




And yes, it's supposed to be there.  Adds clearance at the caliper.

Finally just rode and raced mine for the first time this past weekend at the newly reopened StarWest/ Lucas Oil MX park in Perris, CA. Bike is awesome. It has combined good traits of my 3 favorite YZ years 03, 07, & 11 with improvements on all 3. I have not remapped yet as it is way better than my 11 with my custom map. I stopped using the clutch in turns which I had to on the 11 to keep the front end down. Yet, the bike has gnarly power like the 03. if it is running you can just twist the throttle and it picks up and goes controllably....sweet. Bike turns killer too. This is the first YZ that I've had to soften the suspension on both ends. I'm 170, 5'9" no gear. I set the sag at 105 prior to break in. That left my static sag at 34. Going to have to ride it quite a bit more and check sag again to see if I need to change spring rates on the rear. Love everything about the bike. I'm really stoked.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I will have to soften mine. Although I'm used to my rock hard abusive CR lol.

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