going to look at a rzr 900 xp


Any specific things I should look for? Its a 2011 looks to be stock except a snorkel kit. This will be my first side by side any help would be really appreciated!

Pesonally, I'd go with the all new 1000xp... Just got one

If the 900 can be bought for a good price (look up it's value on www.nada.com) and it's in great condition, i'd say get it.   Even though the xp 1000 is the "new" biggest and baddest it would be hard to justify spending 20k on a side x side.  Also depending where you'll be riding, if in the woods the 900 vs 1000 won't make a difference (cause most people can't even control the 800 rzr in the woods at high speed), but if you're riding dunes or in large open spots you might want to consider the new 1000.

I agree, There is a definite reason Polaris Is still producing new models of the RZR.


If your Thinking of riding trails and one Dune Trip a year, The 570 and 800 Would be Prime.

If your Thinking of a little of Both??? The RZR 800S is good but maybe some power upgrades.

And Lastly, All dunes or track riding, XP 900 Modded or Xp 1000.

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