2010 yz450 suspension compatibility

Here's the deal.  2010 YZ450 I need a second set of suspension.


Forks, can I run any fork from 2008 on?  I know that is when they changed the caliper spacing.  Any issues?  


Would a 06/07 fork work with that year caliper?


Shock, any 10-13 shock OK?


I don't care about valving or anything since they will be totally reworked.  Just need to know if everything will physically mount up without any issues.





I think the answers to all your questions are yes, except for the one about the '06 - '07 fork.  To use that one, you would at least have to make up a new caliper bracket to bolt the smaller caliper to the older fork. 

Great, thank you.  I am setting it up for supermoto and use way different valving than for off road so I will just swap suspension.  The supermoto brake caliper is way more than I can get a set of forks off ebay so I hope to find my best deal on a caliper and then pick up the year forks on ebay that will work with the caliper..



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