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07 EXC-R build up (w/ pics)

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Well its been a long time since posting here, thumpertalk sure has come of age. Where to begin, years ago i did a build thread on a husky 610 and had a great time, you can still find it under the husqvarna cookbook if you search. That bike served me for 20,000 miles with nothing more than endless gallons of rotella, some valve adjusts and a few cam chains, i sold it off to some kid who promptly grenaded the motor inside a month. While in posession of this bike i kept looking at RFS ktm bikes (being the logical sucessor of the single cam husky bikes) thinking all the things that i cant do with the husky i could do with an rfs bike.


Time goes on bikes change my main squeeze was an 04 250sx for the last two years with a dabble in a plated kx500 supermoto(effing blast to ride) and to start my ktm obsession a 00 520EXC, i rode it a few times and broke it down thinking it would be my next project, time goes on, i moved, changed jobs, parted out the 520 made some of my money back, scrapped the rest (was beat) however i kept the sandcast motor complete.


I decided i needed another ktm in addition to my 04 250sx, craigslist delieverd at a reasonable price, 2nd owner 2006 450sx with 15 hours on it. It hit the trails and some moto, solid fast bike. I again felt it was time for a change and again craigslist delievered onto me a fellow looking to trade his 2007 EXCR 450 for some sort of ktm 2T.


Long story short i came out on the bottom end of the trade but was already committed, and would have been more off on it if it werent for the clean title and plate that came with it, in addition to the factory wiring harness. A test ride confirmed she was barely hanging on (kid spent more on dope and hot pockets than bike maintenance). when i say whooped i mean whooped in every single way, almost no useable parts aside from the motor and frame, im not sure how some people ride bikes in such a condition. no worries i say, just mash the 06 450sx and all the shineys into the 07 450exc and leave some other poor soul with the crimson remains.


And this brings me to you fine folks, i know there are many build threads like it but this one is mine, without my bike i am worthless, without me my bike is worthless LOL


Trade this



For this :rolleyes:


Oh yeah the demise of my 99 husky te610


2006 450SX



Here is the frame fresh from the powder coater, RAL 2009 is the color, same as ktm factory uses as my understanding, removed a little powder around the swingarm pivot, test fit stainless pivot shaft


Fresh steering stem races, new chinese pivot works lifetime warranty bearings in place of polish oem? hmm


Id tap that, and every other thread on the frame while im at it


Meanwhile these are in the garage...


ProTaper adjustable triple clamps for both bar postion and offset 18/20mm, i think they are somewhat infamous for snaping the bar mount bolts under strain, they have an updated bolt (crash kit) i may get, but im also considering ride engineering/sxs/applied racing triple clamps in the future as i would prefer a pressed in stem for more rigidity as opposed to the eccentric stem secured with a nut, still havent ironed out steering damper or its postion as of yet



choice of bars, trailtech for the win



Just forking around, previous owner had the suspension rebuilt, revalved, sprung by factory connection for his weight and mx, a little soft for me, may go up a rate or two, will have to see once all is said and done but i like the plushness


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