Need help, unique approach to SSS fork swap, 05yz250

I have the opportunity to swap forks with an 07 yz250f onto my 05 yz250. My forks are sprung for my weight and ability and the 250f are not. I'm vaguely familiar with the 2 fork designs and I'm a pretty smart guy. That being said, I was wondering if just the cartridges were interchangeable between the 2 forks. So all I would be taking is the 07 cartridges? Or would my 05 springs fit into the 07? Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

The cartridges aren't compatible.  The springs aren't either as they're almost 1" longer.  You technically could use the springs if you cut a new grove for the spring seat to move it up.

Thanks for the quick reply, is it wise or not to do 250f forks in a 250 2t? IIRC they're a little bit shorter?

I did this exact swap to my 2005 yz250. I also used 07 yz250f forks and shock. The forks are 12mm shorter then the 05 forks. but remember the 2005 forks have negative preload on the spring, so the difference will be less then 12mm. They work great on my bike. I revalved the forks and shock and it turned out great. You can find good deals on used OEM Yamaha KYB fork and shock springs. You can get them anywhere from $25-40. The shock spring is more as its titanium.

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