adjusting valve 86 xt 350

How often do you adjust the valves? Also what are the signs that they need to be adjusted thanks

I do have the manual but I was wondering if when they did check there valves, do they often do it at the recommened miles or longer. I know in the past some of my other bikes that when I did check the valves they were okay. Also if they do need do get adjusted what are the problems that would indicate that they needed to get adjusted Thanks

The factory recommendations are set so that problems can be avoided . You can see the poor performance that happens when proper maintenance is not kept up . Things wear out much sooner . I see it all over , especially in older machines that are being brought back to life . Impropper maintenance is why those older machines 'died' .

on my xt's I usually checked/adjusted the valves every 6000 km or 2 years.

 6000 km = 3728.23 miles .

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