Fork seals

Hey all....

Anyone ever done fork seals on a pre 91 yz250 i think it's leaking a little bit :o also just out of curiosity... my clutch on my bike is slipping it just kinda came out of nowhere I'm running atf in my gear case. I have not had a problem last couple runs at the track and like I said.. no warning to the slippage any thoughts on that? Thanks

Fork seals wear out get your replacements from Yamaha, the aftermarket options suck. You may need to make a tool to hold the cartridge.  A 1" pipe with 4 notches cut in it worked as a cartridge holder for my 2001 I doubt the 1991 is much different.


As for the clutch, I had my clutch go from working normally to could not break 1/8th throttle without it blowing out in one day.  Threw some new frictions and springs at it and all was good to go.  I had to replace the basket shortly afterwards when a rock came through the clutch cover and took some fingers off the basket.  Switched out 3 friction plates and 2 steel plates along with the basket all is good to go again.

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atf not recommended .... to light weight.

10/w -30 synthetic

a cartridge holder to replace fork seals on an 01' ? 


sounds like you may be over complicating a very simple job


need a wrench to take the cap off , flathead to pry the dust seals and seal retainer out , and a seal driver


91 has inverted forks should be the same process

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sorry , pre -91 might be different


i misread

I don't have inverted forks. Sounds simple enough. 10-30 synthetic for wet clutch? I was told 80wt. And atf. And too many other wts to list. Aahhhh. Thank you

Just google fork rebuild and numerous videos will pop up.  Most will be for inverted forks, but there are some out there for the older style non-inverted ones. 


I have rebuilt both inverted (single and dual chamber) and non-inverted forks.  There really is very little difference on how to do it.


You also do not need a dedicated seal driver.  You just need a piece of PVC pipe from your local home center that is pretty close to the right size.  Shouldn't cost more than a couple bucks to find something that will work.

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