Sending your Dirtbike down the creek - SEEEEEEE YA!

Wow. Whoever that was is pretty dumb.  Who would ride through that?  If you wanna do that sell your bike and buy a mud four wheeler!

Shoot .. What a way to ditch yer DRZ ( dizzer )

Wow that's scary. Talk about not being in control of a situation. How do you explain that one to the insurance company?

Insurance will cover it, he will prob say it was stolen.... 

What a waste of a good bike... 

A good way to die!

Well i hate to tell ya but that is a FLOOD not a creek!  ......Please dont ride through a flood!

Was this video on anouther thead?

Shows how dumb people can be.

Edited by Yamaharider574

Wow. How stupid can someone actually be!

No matter what it was, flood or river, if you ride through it you deserve to lose it. Idiot..

If you're not supposed to drive through a flood, what would make this moron think riding through one would be a good idea????

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