What springs should I use-WR450F 2013

Hi All


Just wondering if you guys could tell me what springs I should use on my WR450F 2013.


I weigh 93kg and am 178cm tall. (Been riding for a year)


I ride motocross (master class/35years and up just to spend time with my kids) and enjoy trail / enduro also.


The bike is currently stock. I have read that the ideal rider weight is 77kg, (never going to happen)


So...before I go and waste money on buying the wrong springs, I was hoping to get some advice from you pros'.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Cheers, Peter.


6.0 in the rear and .50s in the front....

Any reputable manufacturer or suspension shop can tell you what you need. I had an opportunity to work with RaceTech and it worked very well for me. I never really understood suspension, but what they figured out works.


Racetech website has a spring rate calculator.


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