Is the UFO restyle kit worth it? Anybody have some pictures of theirs on a yz250

Is the UFO restyle kit worth it? For the yz250....anybody have some before and after pics or something like that?



Yes, you can still make it look like the newer YZF's. One of my buddies installed the kit, and while he likes the look, he's said that he snags his pant legs on the angular side panels while he rides. So he doesn't care for them.

IMO the restyled plastics look better than the YZ250F plastics. For me they are a must.

I thought since my bike was a 2001 that no other rear fender or rear side panels would work but 01's Including ufo restyles, cause those are for 02+


You are right, but your aide panels and rear fender will match the restyled shrouds (with 02+ tank) and front fender very well.

Has anyone tried to put the yz restyled hit on a 03 - 05 Yz250f or 450F?

Pics of my 2003 with this kit:




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