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06 RM 125 trouble... reed eater.

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As I am desperate to stop fruitlessly spinning wrenches I request the audience of the great and powerful TT. 


Only a few moons ago I scored a NEW RM 125. It was purchased second hand with 1hr of run time. A real 1 hour; not some figmental imagination low hrs creigslist post. A real 1hr of run time. 

I had no choice but to purchase this glorious steed to match my triumphant 06 250....


After hammering out 23 hrs of smile filled motos I decided I should toss in a new piston and rings for good measure. The bike ran beautiful before and after the top end...


at around 27hrs I noticed what felt like a misfire in the mid range of the throttle. roll on... 1/4 throttle ok... 1/2 ok... pop pop pop 3/4 - full totally normal.


Someone mentioned that my reeds were going bad. I pulled it apart and wala! chipped upper reed. installed new reeds and whammy all is well again... For about 1 hr of ride time... then.... pop pop pop misfires again. 


The very edge of the same reed broke off again.... 


I installed new ones a second time and same story. An hour of giggles later the prom queen is coughing and spitting like a TJ hoooker again. 


The bike is 100% stock... except for the new Vforce reeds. Stock pipe, silencer, everything. STOCK. and 27.5 hrs of run time since new. It still smells new. 


So come on you great and powerful keyboard wizards... throw out some ideas!!! 


Im a decent mechanic with a fair amount of electrical training. I have allready ran multimeter tests on everything that I could get a spec for and everything tested within spec. 


Any ideas where I should look? Dont want to keep damaging reeds... 

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