Rear tire Suggestions for 300xc?

I have a 2012 300xc and have some endurocross races coming up any suggestions for a good rear tire to run? I'm thinking of going with something wider to get some more traction 120/90 ?

I like the wider tires as you suggested for traction. They do come at a price though. What you gain in traction you trade off for slower turning. That may not be a factor in your race though. It would depend on how tight and twisty the course is.

I have been running the Maxxis EN-11 Endurocross tire for the last four months and I think it's a great tire. It only comes in one size 140-80-18. You should check it out, at 8 psi the traction is unreal.

I have been using the Maxxis Enduro IT as well this autumn. It wasn't stellar (but not awful) in the dry loose gravelly rock, but as the terrain got wet and slick it really came into it's element. 

That tire looks like it would be perfect for what im doing, will that 140/80 fit on the stock rim?

It fits on my stock 2011 XC rim just fine.

IRC M5B in 140/80-18. It's the only knobby that I'll run on the rear. However, I usually use a trials tire.

IRC M5B in 140/80-18. It's the only knobby that I'll run on the rear. However, I usually use a trials tire.


I vote for the IRC MB5 as well.  I have on on my 380... they have deep lugs, great in the wet stuff and I've had no problems on the hard pack as well.  The only complaint's I've heard is from the people behind me as I roost them.

Great post.  I've had a 06 300xcw for about three weeks now and have had three three rides on it.  I took off a trials tire and put on a 110/100 tire that I had for my POS 4 stroke.   


While the thumper actually prefers a 110/100, I think that its just not enough weight back there for the quick to spool up 300 two stroke.  I break traction a little easier than I would  like on the technical trails.   I am also thinking of going to a 120/90 to give me just a little more traction.    I think it will still break loose just fine when I want it to, but I won't have to worry so much about the rear getting loose when I don't want it to.  


I don't know what effect a 120 would have o na 300 turning, but I guess I will find out.   I will just have to toss that thing around to see.  


No matter what, the weight is absolutely nothing compared to the 450 I was riding a month ago.

I ran a 110/100 for 2 years and now I run a 120/90. My reasoning was for added rear end stability for the desert chop. I run the same thing in Moto as well. R Kudka likes a 110 for tighter stuff because it falls into ruts easier. IDK.....I figured if 450s were doing fine with 120/90s then I would too

I have about 500 miles on my PIRELLI trials. It is awesome.

My budd tried my 3hunney up a virgin hillside covered in pine needles and soft loam. Soo much traction that he almost looped it out.

Its even DOT legal. Its mindblowing how stiff the sidewalls are.

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