2012 300xc won't estart

Although the battery checks out ,the electric start doesn't work.The bike starts fine kicking, and the fuse is good.

 When I push the ebutton, all I get is a click sound  from under the seat. The bike doesn't turn over at all.

Any tips?

Fairly coomon KTM 2 stroke problem. It may be time for a brush kit in your starter. Maybe more. Won't know until you pull it apart.

check and make sure the ground has a good contact. did this just start or has it been getting weaker?

When a starter only clicks then that's a sign that the battery is dead.  So when you say that the battery "checks out" is that just by voltage or did you load test it?  Personally it sounds like you are due for a new battery.


Edit:  If you need a battery, get a Lithium and the newer (and stronger) 2013/14 300 starter ~ that's what I did.

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My bike does that sometimes if it's sat for quite a while and/or the temp is low. The stock battery is pretty marginal.  I just kickstart it and after I've ridden it for ~5 minutes (or less) the electric start works fine.  If it's an issue, you can use a battery tender while the bike is parked. 

Thanks for the replies.

It has sometimes been a lazy starter, so I would say this has been somewhat gradual. As this is my fist KTM, and I've been told this is a "restarter not a starter" I can't tell you how strong the starter should be.

Now it just doesn't estart, hot or cold. I plan to pull the starter and check it.

The battery is about a year old . When I write the battery checks out, that means I put it on a KTM charger/tester and the green light comes on after charging. Again , first KTM and first estarter, so I'm not sure how good a "test" that is. Which raises he question how good an indicator the tester is?

Also, thanks for the tip on the 13/14 starter motor. I think I'll check that out to as my admittedly seat of the pants impression is that the starter was never real strong

Just to update, went out to the garage and first tried to jump the starter directly, nada.

Now that I have the starter motor off, I've noticed it's shaft does not spin at all, even trying to physically spin the shaft, it doesn't move at all.

sounds like you found the culprit

Did you rebuild it or replace it?

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