A pair of Yamahas

Hi all . My first post, I thought I would show you two of my 2-stroke Yamahas.

1982 IT250J 1993WR500.                                                                                                                       Cheers Finewinerob




Really, really nice shape!!!!

and a what lovely pair they are too!

very nice!

Wow 31ys new. Still probly runs like a champ. Classic ? Just goes to show u that yamaha really does make a quality dirtbike. I wish i still had my 93 yz80 lol. Even the wr is 20yr. Nice bikes

Those are two of the cleanest bikes of their vintage I have ever seen.  You obviously love Yamaha's and it shows.

Nice 500!

I haven't seen a tank cover like that (on the IT) since the 80s. They are a great idea. I had one on my atc110

great looking bikes!  have you kept them in this nice of shape all these years or restored them?  Love the wr500.

Hi Shifty. The WR500 is original bar the decals and all the consumables. I am the 2nd owner from new, it hasn't done 2000 klms in its life.

I have replaced the piston and rings recently , only because I had the head off to do the refabriction so it would run better on modern fuels.

The IT 250J was a kick and go bike I purchased for vinduro action, all the hard work was allready done. Love them both and they sit well in the

shed with all the others.

                                         Cheers Finewinerob.

Sweet rides and Welcome to the forum.

You must be in Vicco judging by the scenery. Miss it.

These are great to look at.

If you dare have a little fun at the risk of scratching one of them up a little bit, you would have a ball at one of the non competitive rallys like the Kenda, the Blue Light or the Nolan rally if any of these still exist. Just be sure to bring new tires if its wet.

If you would like any advice on these two, or just to have a yarn, I know a bloke in Kilmore (retired factory Yamaha rider of these eras) that wouldn't mind sharing advice and taking a look at your bikes. Cheers

Some current pics of the bikes at a recent Vinduro.DSC0765.jpgDSC0762.jpgDSC0764.jpgDSC0763.jpg

Damn.   Very nice.


Those things are almost in mint condition.

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