Hey guys i have a 2003 wr450 and my stock original fuel tank got little stress cracks in it and leaked.

However i brought another second hand 2003 tank and one ride later it has done the same thing.

So what i am asking is does anyone know where i can get a standard new replacement fuel tank.

I do not like the look of the safari tanks and want to keep that MX look not enduro look.

OR can anyone tell me if you can fit a newer tank to the 2003 model WR450?


So if anyone can tell me where to buy new fuel tanks for the 2003 model please.

Ebay, Just Gas Tanks.com, clarke.

O3 and 04 same tank, 05 went to new frame and yzf 8l tank

O3 and 04 same tank, 05 went to new frame and yzf 8l tank

03 to 06 are the same frame I have a 06 an bent the frame an just finished 5minutes ago putting everything onto A 04 frame they are identical

'03-'06 share all plastics.

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