Does anybody have WP competition fork owners manual


as title says i am looking for WP competition fork owners manual. I just bought a bike with these forks and dont know which adjuster is for comp, rebound and etc. 

Maybe someone knows how to soften them because when riding whoops i only get 2/3 of travel.


What year of competition forks?


REb is at the bottom, comp at the top.

You also have an external Preloadadjuster.


To set the fork up follow:

set comp and reb to the middle of the adjustment range.

Than play with the preload till you find your sweetspot.

After that play with reb till you find your sweetspot.

Finally adjust the compression clicker.

Thanks for quick response.

Where can i find manufacture date?

They look like these:

I backed off preload nut 2 turns and it made a difference. Also noticed that after ride one nut turned half turn and now i dont know if clockwise or counterclockwise. Can i back off preload completely? And what starting point should i choose for preload.


Bike is GasGas ec300 '07

I would count how much turns you have available and set it to the middle range of that.


Ride it.

Than start testing with one turn more clockwise, test.

Turn it counterclockwise 2 turns, so you are one turn softer than the starting setup, test.


You should feel which direction suits you more and you can adjust in this direction till its fine for you.


some procedure on reb and comp.

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