CRF110 plastics on a KLX110

Hey guys im new to the forums,


  has anybody tried to install CRF110 plastics on a klx110. I would like to do this because i dont really like the looks of the klx and i cant afford a CRF110. Im a honda guy so id like my bike to atleast look like a CRF110.



I've never heard of that but it doesn't sound easy at all, there is always the option of red plastics. I know klx110l plastics can be made to fit a regular klx110. They look a lot better and more like a big bike and can be bought in red. You can also get graphics that you usually find on a honda.

I'm pretty sure The crf plastics are pieced together (like crf50 fenders) and the klx are all separate. I've seen honda-based builds on klx's multiple times before, and it looks good.

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