Do cleaners help?

So I ride a DRZ 125 and it is my first bike. I'm slowly learning all the maintenance that comes with riding off road and thought this would be a great place to ask noobish questions. So is it a bad idea to use fuel addictives like fuel treatment, fuel system cleaner, or fuel injector cleaner in my bike?

Its usually designed for a car. as long as you run the bike enough for it not to get gummed up in the carb (at least 1 time every 2 weeks) then you should be fine.

If my bike is going to sit awhile I put in fuel preservative in the gas run the engine for a while and then drain the float bowl. Star Tron fuel enzyme/preservative is especially good with fuels with ethanol in them. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy fuel without ethanol added do it.

As stated above.  Keep relatively fresh fuel in the bike and save your money for other maint requirements like oil and lube.

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