Rear brake?


My bikes an xr50

So when i took the back wheel out of my bike, the brake fell out, or thetop outside part of it did. I cannot see anywhere if theres a specific way to line it up, theres no speacil indents or things and whatnot. So, i put it in the bike and hook the whole brake system up, and when i roll it forward itll go a few feet then stop. Its in nuetral, but it dowsnt matter since the chain is off

So, how does the rear brake go together? Frm putting the 2 parts togeter to hooking it up to the brake lever and bike, how does it go?

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The part that fell off, the drum, should fit over the part on the wheel where the pads are located.  If you look on the outside of the rum part, the one that fell off, there is a tab that fits over another tab on the inside of the swing arm.those tabs have to be lined up when it goes on.


when you reconnected the brake, did you properly adjust the tension on the brake rod that connect to the brake pedal?  


take a look at those and give us a report back.

Aye carumba, there is a tab on the swingarm that the brake backing plate must be keyed on. If you cant figure it out by looking at it, I dont know how to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get a manual before a child gets hurt.

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I had seen the tab, put it together that way, and it locked up like that, idk why it didnt worked tryed it again and it did

Can you send a picture, or a few of them, with how the rear brake is hooked up along with the wheel.

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