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The left side spacer is the same on X and R. That is what assures the disc lines up with the caliper.

The right side spacer is narrower on the R which is why the shoulder is 1/2" longer on the R axle.

The X doesn't use a right side spacer, it has the Odometer drive unit as the spacer. It is 1/2" wider than the R spacer, which is why the X axle's shoulder is narrower.

We have found that when using the R wheel and spacers with the X axle, there is a 1/2" gap between the shoulder and the spacer. This will allow the wheel to move along the axle only being held in place by the disc. The spacers should be held firmly in place against the fork lug on the left and the shoulder on the right.

Crazy Brother's special spacer must be a hybrid spacer that is 1/2 wider than the R spacer...

doc, thanks again!  i got the wheels all mounted u as per your explanation.  everything fit perfectly.  all is well!

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I just put together a set of spare wheels using stock (( 450R )) hubs, Excel rims & stainless spokes
I was going to chase up another 450R front axle (rather than taking it off another bike I have) then I remembered seeing a set of 450R wheels for sale somewhere that advertised they came with an additional 1/2" spacer to fit the 450R front wheel on the 450X front axle
I had a spare 450R/450X disc side front spacer laying round so I cut it down to 1/2" & now I can fit 450R & 450X wheels as long as I have the spacer 1/2" spacer with me

Handy for those racing etc that have a few spare sets of either wheels, Saves buying an axle which costs more


The spacer should only be $10 or less>


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