Replacing 2003 yz125 rear shock with what?

What would you recommend? I don't know if I should rebuild my rear shock or just buy one off eBay

Im in the same situation. Would like to hear opinions. The bushing in my shock is cracked and falling apart. How much is it to do a full rebuild? Is it something you would want to DIY?

I don't even have a

I found a decent how-to video on youtube, I think I will tackle this one myself. Where at in NC are you, Ride_Blue?


Rear shock upper bushing kits are usually $25 online such as pivot works. Also can get them oem piece by piece. The problem with buying used shocks off ebay is they are off bikes that have been beat to hell. Expect a full rebuild, usually about $125-150 at a suspension shop.

You can replace the bushing or lower bearing and also springs. To replace the shock fluid take it to a pro as it can be dangerous and needs refilled with nitrogen. Also can be tough to bleed the air properly. Fork and shock oil is recommended every 30-40 hours. Nothing rides better then fresh suspension! I'd rebuild it for you If you want to send me a pm.

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