XR500 motor fit a XR350 frame?

Anyone know of how close a fit this would be? I have the motor but not a frame on hand to try. I cant find a XR500 frame and there is a cheap 350 frame on craigslist. 




Can't help you with whether it will fit, but the 350 had a complete redesign for 85 and it got a wheelbase and frame, so likely more room (though might not be too) versus the 83-84.  It also went to a wet (dry?) sump, oil in the frame, which you wouldn't need, but don't think it would affect anything.  Check frame dimensions for the years. the 85 350 shares a lot of parts with the 1st year xr600 , but the 600 frame is a bit longer so not everything matches. 

probably same year/body styles would be a ez bolt in

There's two XR500 engines,,the RFVC500 and the 82 XL/XR and previous..I can't tell you whether an 82 would go in an RFVC 350 frame. I can tell you that an RFVC 500 motor is exactly the same size as an RFVC 600 engine and a 600 motor will not fit in a 350RFVC frame,,meaning,,neither will a 500. This of course assumes you mean a straight bolt in as most engines can be made to fit other frames with the aid of a gas torch and frame building skills..I know a 600 won't fit a 350 as I purchased a frame which was sold to me as a 600 frame,,it looked the same to me so I took the seller at his word..I then tried to fit my 600 motor to it and noted it wouldn't fit,,next I saw the vin plate saying XR350..Frame went to the scrapyard..

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