New red rider

After 30 years of green bikes  I bought an extremely nice 12 crf 450.  Hinson clutch ,pro circuit T5 exhaust and FC suspension . Any thing I should keep an eye on or expect to have to deal with?Just wanted to see what the people familiar with the red machine can tell me. Thanks for any info.

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Sounds like the shortcomings of that year is covered. just change the fluids and perform regular maintenance. The bike should last you for years.

If youve got an itch to scratch, Id take the fuel pump out and throw a new filter at it, but other than that...I think you're good. You may want some more power, but a 13.5:1 piston and a remap will bring that thing to life in nothing flat. 

Too much chain slack and the chain will cut through the slider and into the swingarm pivot area. 30-40mm is recommended in the manual. Get a TMDesignworks slider and you wont have to worry.

I have a 2012 spec on the chain slack is 25 to 35 mm , invest in the hammer head case saver and also if it has the factory wheel blocks order any aftermarket set and change them ; the Oe blocks are too thin and the threads on the Axle shaft are very short and when you torque down your axle nut to 94 ft lbs the locking nut bottoms out and permanently locks down - Honda of Houston figured that out . Other than that unless you have very small feet I would recommend changing the shifter to a hammer head according to your boot size - the or shifter is quite short for my size 12's plus the shifting seems more precise with it - good luck and congrats on being a team red rider - welcome aboard !

Not to scare you but if it ever starts popping out of 5th put it in the back of the truck and go home.

Thanks for all the tips and info. I think the indoor racing is going to be a blast on this bike.

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