200 exc rear brake bleeding

Have just been trying to bleed rear brake and have given up. 


Last time out brake stuck on so at track I gave it a quick strip and clean and after that it was ok but since then I decided to change fluid and pads so now I cannot build up pressure in pedal to bleed fluid?  I do not have a syringe to try back bleeding and have been trying to pump pedal to build up pressure then open bleed valve, have been at this for best part of 1 hour!!!  Have never had a problem bleeding brakes on previous bikes and usually only takes minutes.


Anyone any ideas as would really like to get out on bike Sunday and have only got tomorrow morning to get bike fixed due to work??

Make sure you back off the adjuster.  2 x 10mm bolts.  Loosen them so there isn't any pressure on the piston.  Bleed after doing this.

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