yz 400 vs 426

i figured this would be the right place to ask the question, I am on the market for a four stroke i currently ride and race 250c on a cr 250 and i have had a few offers from a guy with a 99yz400f to trade strait out.

But I was wondering will the 400 keep up with the newer 426 and if not how bad will the 426 beat.

Also if anyone has any 400/426 for sale in the nc area please let me know thanks alot

The 400 is not as fast as the 426. I ride a 02 426 and it is a real good bike. The 400 was the first for Yamaha, and the bike has improved a great deal sense then. The newer bikes start easier and run better. If you want to go to a 4-storke, buy a new one and dont trade for a older one. That is just my thoughts on the subject. I hope I helped you.

Thank for the reply I am currently looking at a 01 426 for 4400 I am trying to sell mine I was just wondering how they stacked up

I haven't ridden a 400 but I have read about some problems with those which I have not heard about on the '01 and newer models and I have not had with my '01 (not yet anyway :) ). For example the counter balancer getting loose (due to a key being distorted?), bogging, clutch grabiness problems, etc..

If you buy used, avoid the 2000 model. It has the CB gear problem. The 426 hits harder than the 400. Is it faster? With the right rider it is.

Acquiring a used dirt bike has always been something that I just couldn't bring myself to do. Why? Because these machines see hard use and very few owners really do all the maintenance that needs to be done...plus...there is almost always something wrong with the bike. Yesterday made that case for me. I went to my local track for practice on a beautiful clear and cool day. I noticed a guy on a YZ250 who plonking along and looking down at his engine. I noticed some steam as I went by and knew he had a coolant leak. A little later I went in for some water and saw him checking his machine out. I walked over to see if I could help and he asked me if I could see where his coolant was leaking from. Yep, he had a small puncture in the case water jacket. It appeared to me that a rock or some hard object had struck this area and put a tiny hole there. He had just bought this bike from an owner in Florida just this past weekend for $2,500(it's a '01 YZ250). Was the seller dishonest? I dunno but the price seems very low for a '01 that was claimed to be in excellent condition.

My opinion is to by a new bike or one that you know for sure is in good condition. And how would know for certain that a used bike is in good condition...even if you personally know the owner? Keep in mind that these used bikes have no factory warranty.


Buying new is great,if you got the caaash. But not everyone can afford that new smell. When you buy used, plan on wreching before you take it out. Little tlc goes a long way.

PS, I brought my 99YZ400 new and have never done a thing, besides minor maintence. My 400 still kicks A@@, it'll beat anything that lines up next to it, as long as I'm the last one to shut off at the first corner.


Good Luck

2000 YZ 250

1999 YZ 400

1995 RM 125

88 LT 80

soon to be (02 450 or YZF 250 ?)

Some valid points have been made here, so I thought I'd add my two cents worth. I bought my 2000 YZ 426F used last March. The bike was raced and professionally maintained by a good "B" grade rider. He had bought a new YZF250 because he found the 426 to be a bit too much for him. I think he liked working on his bike about as much as riding it, so it was in *great* condition. He had this awesome, climate-controlled garage where he kept it. Started right up, ran like a scalded cat. He had kept logs of all maintenace procedures, and with the exception of barnett clutches/Hinson basket, O-Ring chain, new sprockets (SunStars), stainless steel oil filter, and TwinAir filter, it was stock. He gave me all the tools that came with the bike, and he also had the owner's manual.

In about my tenth ride out, I began to hear a slight knocking noise coming from the engine. I researched this noise using this site as a reference, and sure enough, the CB key was worn. But it wasn't difficult to change, not at all! I fixed that baby and she's been right as rain ever since. I'm not sure why Yamaha made it this way, because it is something that requires periodic inspection, but once you know its there, you know what to look for. If my bike is idling and you try to wick it wfo, it does hesitate a bit, but this problem does not occur in motion under load, and besides, its a 4-stroke, I don't rev it like a two-stroke. I have heard some folks complain of theirs dying and such over jumps and that is certainly not the case with mine. It performs WELL.

Now, you can read plenty of posts regarding individuals who bought their bikes new and have problems with them. Didn't the 2001 suffer from a defective CDI unit? These bikes are designed to be raced and ridden hard. They also require maintenance. Keep the oil changed. Keep your valves in spec. Periodically grease and lube everything. Tighten your spokes. Check your swingarm for cracks and wear. Run your chain ever-so-slightly loose. Re-pack your silencer every blue moon. Its not hard stuff, but if you take the time to do a little preventative maintenance, your bike will perform well and not let you down. These are tough, well-made machines.

Now, can anyone tell me how to remove FX graphics? I am ready for a new look! Happy Thumpin'!!!

P/S - I thought about selling my bike, and I live in the NC area, but I just can't see it happenin'! I love it too much! I might part with it in a year or two. It would be a genuine acquisition for someone too, because it is in awesome condition!

thanks for all the help, and if anyone does have one for sale please let me know thanks alot

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