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Thinking of switching to Husky from Honda this Spring.....

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That's right...I have been riding a 2001 XR400 since 01 and while it's been a good bike, I know that a change needs to be made.


I really got a chubby when I saw the new 2014 lineup that was announced last weekend. The FE350 is kinda the direction I'm leaning.


I figure I will stick to 4 strokes...How is the parts distribution for H in america? That may not be a good question off the bat, since Husq is kinda starting over with KTM. Really im just kinda doing some recon.


Any other input or encouragement is appreciated.





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Doug if you get a new Husky (2014 white/blue/yellow) you will actually be getting a KTM although IMHO a better looking KTM. You shouldn't have any problem getting parts and from what I've read they are very good bikes.

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