Thoughts on 1993 XT600

Will you ship it up here if you don't buy it?

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Get it

Got it a couple of weeks ago for < what was asked.  

Even the original tool kit is there unopened!

Did my M endorsement tests (didn't take the safety course just wrote it and drove it).

Bought a new helmet (old one was a 70's vintage Bell).

Listed on local Craigslist:  RIDE THIS WEEKEND --

Got a few signed up for a 200 mile ride through the Wet Mountains (Rye - Beulah - Bishop Castle) Saturday.

Went to 3 shops here in CO Springs and none of the mechanics have ever even seen one.

Much more popular in Europe and Oz.

Runs like a champ on 91 but you CAN'T buy non-ethanol gas here.  Closest is Pueblo.

Ordering some new Shinko 705's and changing oil -- that's it.

Will post some pics from this weekend ride.

Tempted to K&N it and put on a slip-on pipe but will see how it does at 10K elevation.

Jetted pretty lean here at 6K.

thump - thump - thump

Photo link:

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Nice bike. Too bad everyone in the US thinks they are Rossi or a member of a biker gang. These are far more useful to the average rider than most sport bikes or cruisers.

Yep them's are some nice bikes. Light enough to be agile in traffic, heavy enough for highway cruising and not get to beat up by wind, Can go offroad and trails with them because good enough suspension and ground clearance. Plenty power to boot. That's why I have several of them(going to pick another '85 up this weekend,plus have a mint '89 waiting for enough cash). I just need to get my homebrew E-start hybrid motor verified to convert them all, or at least some.


They are made to run on 91, IIRC, don't "require "it but doesn't hurt, for me it's my only choice since the premium is the only grade without ethanol, I HATE ethanol.

Your going to get some sore spots on that 200 mile ride , since you haven't ridden before and gotten your body conditioned to the seat. Just try to remember to move around every once in a while right from the start to minimize it.

Keep clean oil in it and always full and she'll run a long, long time trouble free.

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New tires will be here next week.

Last weekend rode for an hr and the seat is going to an issue on the road.  

Found a custom corbin seat in OZ but sold quickly.  Might reshape the foam and cover with gel or sheepskin.

Got a few blokes together for the ride Saturday.  

I too loath ethanol fuel.  Ate and degraded everything rubber in my boat fuel system.  


Yes I do enjoy my 600 1990 xt. Again your right on especially with the wind compared to my xt350 86. I do noticed that the bars on my 600 feels like I am leaning down compared to my 350 probably cause of the seat height.

We'll, we did a 165 mile ride to the Bishop Castle, elev 9 K. Keep right up to '06 and '09 KLR 650.'s.

Only snow / frozen mud for a couple miles out of 78.

Tomorrow, Phantom Canyon or Shelf road.

We'll, we did a 165 mile ride to the Bishop Castle, elev 9 K. Keep right up to '06 and '09 KLR 650.'s.

Only snow / frozen mud for a couple miles out of 78.

Tomorrow, Phantom Canyon or Shelf road.

 All that and not a single picture ? What kind of adv rider are you ? ;)


We love pics . That way those of us that are weather or otherwise doomed to indoor activities can at least form dreams . :)

Yep picture or we say you sat on the couch like the rest of us and just made up a story :blah:

1393442_672209856136556_1790210831_n.jpg1. Bishop Castle

2. Friends place just N of San Isabel

3. Woodland Park (Pikes Peak)

4. Deckers

5. Cheesman Lake


Put almost 300 miles on this weekend.  




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With the tank being so skinny at the top, has anyone found a tank bag that fits well?  Old one won't work. Thanks

Look at Wolfman offerings. Top notch stuff, made in Colorado.

You can ride over and try them for fit.

Deckers is a hopping place. Watch out for transit buses and street cars.

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Thanks, found one.  Would like to get the soft saddlebags but no mounting racks available.


"no mounting racks available."


Make some . Conduit is pretty cheap .

So you think he will take $500? Hah, hah,    Don't you just love those people that honestly think a person will consider less than 1/2 asking price?

Nice bike, if I was closer I would definitely consider it.

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