Motion Pro Throttle Reel Size for Trail Riding?


Hello, just picked up a Yamaha YZ250F from a buddy and noticed the throttle to be upgraded to a Motion Pro.  Was wondering what size reel people use for trail riding.  He has a 50mm in it now.  All info is is appreciated.  Thanks.


I have a KTM 250 xcfw,  I use the largest/quickest reel all the time. 

Didn't get a lot of hits on this topic.  I did a great ride with what I the largest reel in. Seems pretty easy to swap out so maybe I'll just try a few different ones out in the parking lot.  Cool. 

If you have the pieces then swap them out to try it out.  Frankly while I am sure there is some difference between the designs your best modulator is your own body.


Those throttle tubes borderline on gimmick to me. :)

Great. Thanks.  Going to just cruz the parking lot next time I'm out and swap a few sizes in and out.  

I ran a slow cam in a 250f for a bit (G2 400 cam) and it was ok plonkin around. But when the pace picked up found myself having to take a second bite on the throttle or ride with arm out of position to use all the throttle. Took it off.   Can see where on a more powerful bike, or quicker revving twostroke it might help tame things till you get used to it.

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